We make custom-designed transport boxes, covers, bags for a wide range of apparatus, devices and instruments, to provide outstanding protection for the equipment, and are designed according to customer specifications.

We make stage curtains, manufacture control units for chain hoist and other specialised equipment for professionals.


Repairs of chain hoist, sound and lighting equipment and components thereof. Repairs of parts of stage structures. We are an authorised service centre for Doughty products in Lithuania. We diagnose faults in these items and repair coupling locks. The repaired equipment fully complies with the manufacturer's certificates, so you can rest assured about the reliability of your equipment and the safety of people!

Repairs of analogue and digital audio equipment. Entrust your costly technology to our staff's exceptional skill and diligence to be repaired with utmost care and attention to detail. We have experience in repairing equipment from reputable manufacturers such as Martin, MIDAS, Shure, Crest and others.


Lighting equipment – control panels, moving heads, disco lights, LED devices, theatrical and tracking spotlights, splitters, switches, adapters and other accessories.

Audio equipment – digital and analogue consoles, processors, amplifiers, speakers and loudspeakers, radio systems and accessories.

Other equipment – stage machinery such as telpher cranes, chain hoist units, signal cables, electrical cables and distribution boxes, network equipment, electrical cabinets, clamps, cables and other.

Measurements and inspections
Inspection and certification of chain hoists. Measurements of electrical cable impedances, room lighting and acoustics, and analyse the condition of equipment.

The repairs are carried out only by Only highly trained professionals with the necessary certifications. Measurement results are presented with detailed comments and recommendations