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Country lovers were having fun in Visaginas!


Lithuanian and foreign live music lovers came to 23rd international ,,Visagino country 2016“ festival.

,,This year you could hear a wide range of musical performers and Country music styles. There were lots of pleased different age music fans. Before festival it was a little bit scary, beacause we changed the place of event, but after all this decision was very successful. All entertainments – big stage , concert zone, small stage  and colourful fair were arranged in one huge space, – said festival organizer Elena Čekienė.

One of the most active festival visitors are other festivals organizers, who are the most critical and attentive os to the festival. Carltoon Moody, an American, was very fascinated by the event and said, that this festival was much more impressive than Polish Mrangow festival. Uldis Ozolinš, who is Latvian ,,Country Island“ festival organizer said: ,,I have been in all ,,Visaginas Country“ festivals, they all were very fascinating, but I have never seen a festival with that high artistic and technical level“. Michael Lonstar, who started his own festival ,,Pure country“ based on ,,Visaginas country“ model, said that every year in ,,Visaginas Country“ festival he discovers something new, and uses these ideas is his festival.

After the festival, organizers got appreciation messages from viewers and performers. Organizers got request for performing next year from the band ,,Nashville“, who made this years festival last performance.

Leggato – festival partners, took care for stages, sound and lighting equipment. According to the new place for the festival, Leggato technicians mounted Eurotruss stage 10×8 m with 8 m raised roof and arches on the sides, which enable to use whole stage area for performers. Excellent sound was guaranteed by our proffesional sound engineers and L‘acoustic Kudo sound system. Spectacular lighting was created with SGM P LED devices.

Let‘s meet at 24th ,,Visaginas country“ festival in 2007!

Everything is simple with Leggato!