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Kaunas Christ‘s Ressurection church illumination


Georgia‘s Independence Day eve, May 25th,  Kaunas Christ‘s Ressurection church was illuminated like Georgia‘s flag. It was visible from Kaunas city centre and old town side. We were happy to make this project happen.

This was not the first time when Leggato illuminates Kaunas Christ‘s Ressurection church. November 14, 2015 for World Diabetes Day, this wonderful church was illuminated with blue color to remind people to fight against insidious disease – diabetes.

After terror attack in Paris, in honor for victims, Leggato illuminated Kaunas Christ‘s Ressurection church with French flag colors.

Another light installation project was implemented February 16th,2016 in honor for 98-th Lithuanian Independence anniversary. For this nationally important event, the church was illumintaded with Lithuanian flag colors.

We have in mind more light installation projects not only for Kaunas Christ‘s Ressurection church but also for other architectural objects in Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities.

Everything is simple with Leggato!