Design And Production

Leggato makes exclusive protective cases for equipment transporting. We can me them in different shapes and sizes according to customer individual needs.  We also sew stage curtains, make chain hoist controlers and other specific equipment for professionals.

We also offer manufacturing and projection services packages

Golden package for cases production

  • According to customer given information (equipment brand, model, quantity) we find equipment dimensions;
  • We discuss with the customer their individual needs;
  • We analyze specific needs for equipment, according to how customers use it;
  • We manufacture only high-quality cases;
  • We design inner cushioning, holders, amortization, compartments, drawers and other elements, which are required for easy usage and  transporting Your equipment safely;
  • We manufacture cases completely;
  • We assemble equipment into case;
  • According to customer needs, we can place stickers or paint logos, words and etc.;
  • We can deliver case to the customer.

D+++s pagal specialius u+sakymus su tiksliai +rengtais pamink+tinimais ir skyriais - 2

Silver package

  • According to customer given information and needs we manufacture cases;
  • We project only lasting, stable cases, which can guarantee safety for Your equipment;
  • We discuss with the customer, what is more important: outer dimensions of the case or equipment arrangement inside the case;
  • We manufacture the case;
  • We place required cushioning or amortization and outer protection.

D++i+ sistema 120-60 cm - 2