SGM SixPack


LED pixel blinder


SGM SixPack

LED pixel blinder

The SixPack is a unique pixel array based on the popular blinder — but by replacing the traditional halogen with RGBA LED source it can achieve so much more.

The fixture combines six outputs of powerful 40W colour mixing with built-in electronics, and individual DMX control over each lamp, allowing the creative Lighting Designer to paint light canvasses displaying animated text or programmed patterns.

The SixPack advantages include:

  • High performance color LED fixture with low power consumption
  • IP65 rating
  • The power to illuminate a building or provide a blinding effect for concerts
  • The finesse to wash a cyc with even color
  • The flexibility to create simple or complex color matrix designs
  • The creativity to display graphic content
  • The technology to emulate a halogen lamp
  • Lightweight construction
  • RFID for easy configuration and data readout

SixPack will not only control the colour but the LED will even emulate the decay of the old halogen lamp, while the housing itself is trapezoidal-shaped so that multiples can be hung in vertical or horizontal matrixes or clustered into an array using the unique easy install rigging system.



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