MIDAS HERITAGE 3000 used sound mixing console


Price without VAT.

Used Midas Heritage 3000 with FX racks.


Used Heritage 3000 with flight case in great condition.

2pc. Power supply

3pc. FX rack


FX rack  No.1

2 pc. Klark-Teknik DN514

4 pc. Klark-Teknik DN504

1 pc. TC-electronic M2000

1 pc. TC-electronic D-TWO

1 pc. Lexicon PCM80

1 pc. Yamaha SPX990


FX rack No.2

1 pc. Klark-Teknik DN9340

1 pc. Klark-Teknik RT60

1 pc. Klark-Teknik DN60

1 pc. BSS FCS966 Opal


FX rack No.3

4 pc. BSS FCS966 Opal

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